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Web Design Services

Plaudit is a web design firm with locations in Minneapolis and New York City that is committed to providing professional quality custom web services. Our in-house web design and development teams work closely, allowing us to provide professional, custom web solutions.

Web Design Process

Creating successful websites requires experience and knowledge that cuts across artistic, technical and marketing disciplines. Professional website creation requires skills in web design, web development, software development, website hosting, Internet marketing and web site maintenance — all performed in a professional development environment.


The design of a website begins with an understanding of your company and its unique identity. We work with you to identify the goals of your website, your target audience, and the information that should appear on your website. We evaluate this information to define guidelines used by our staff to ensure the final product meets our high quality standards.

Our staff then plans how visitors will navigate through your site and how the website will achieve its goals. The menus, site layout and visual design all receive careful consideration and planning in order to optimize the visitor's experience.


The web design team incorporates all that is learned and the documented plans into a visual concept that illustrate how the website could look when completed. Each website design includes a unique visual theme consistent with our client's identity and objectives. Our designers present you with the website design and the ideas behind each of them; and continue to create new or modified mockups until you are pleased with the design.

Once you have approved the design concept, our designers work closely with the website development team to make the concept a reality.


Web development begins with a plan outlining the various stages involved in creating your website. This plan helps to ensure timely delivery and to maximize the quality of the final product. A typical development plan consists of the goals of the project, the steps required to reach them, and tentative deadlines for each. Some of these steps are:

  • Backend Implementation — In this step we build the foundation of the website. This could include database interaction and dynamic content engines.
  • Implement Visual Design — The development team works with the design team to turn the visual design concept into a fully-functional interface for your website.
  • Testing & QA — Rigorous testing in many combinations of web browsers, devices and operating systems is necessary to uncover issues before website launch. Testing occurs throughout the development of the site. You can learn more about website testing on the Testing Environment web page.

Using this approach, we are able to establish exactly what needs to be done early on by breaking the steps into smaller parts. This helps ensure that nothing is overlooked and keeps the project's development moving forward in an orderly fashion.

In this fast-changing field it is also important to use the most effective tools and methods. We are constantly acquiring new web design tools, learning new technologies, and refining our methodologies so that we can continue to efficiently develop websites that push the limits of the web.

Maintenance and Support

Changes and additions are essential for a successful website. A site that is never updated becomes irrelevant and uninteresting. A neglected website is often dropped or lowered in search results by the popular search engines.

Your website will be built within a powerful content management system (CMS) which allows you to easily perform common website maintenance. The Plaudit team is also always available to perform maintenance, provide consultation, implement website enhancements, and provide Internet marketing services. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Executive who will ensure website maintenance is completed quickly and easily. We can custom design a maintenance retainer to meet your need for fast, reliable, professional site maintenance at competitive prices. Our flexible approach, and dedication to support and ongoing services has helped Plaudit earn the many long-term relationships with clients that we greatly value.