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Testing Environment

Plaudit Design creates websites that are attractive and accessible to a wide range of users. With a focus on quality and forwards compatibility, we aim to provide users with the best possible experience in their respective browsers.

The following charts outline the current operating system, device and browser configurations within Plaudit's extensive Testing Environment. The information presented on this web page is subject to change as technologies and Plaudit's testing policies change.

This table provides definitions to the meaning of each mark used within the configuration charts found on this page.

Mark Meaning
Tested Configuration is supported, and tested.
Supported Configuration is supported, but not actively tested. This is often due to browser being actively tested within a similar configuration.
Limited Support for configuration is limited to the ability to access the key content on the website. Rendering of layouts and functionality will be incomplete.
Not Supported Configuration is not supported. This is typically due to the browser no longer being supported by the manufacturer or due to extremely low market penetration.
N/A The configuration is not available. This is typically because the browser is not available from the manufacturer for the operating system listed.

Desktops Configurations

Windows 10 and 11 Windows 8.1 Windows 7 Mac OS
Chrome Tested Supported Supported Tested
Firefox Tested Supported Supported Tested
Safari N/A N/A N/A Tested
Edge Tested N/A N/A N/A
IE 11 Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported N/A

Mobile Device Configurations

For projects that include support for mobile devices and tablets, the following configurations apply.

Android Phone Android Tablet iPhone iPad
Safari N/A N/A Tested Tested
Chrome Tested Tested Supported Supported
Samsung Internet Tested Supported N/A N/A

Configuration and Testing Details

Standards and Progressive Enhancements

While it is not possible to guarantee perfect display and functionality across all current and future browsers, Plaudit Design takes advantage of web standards and progressive enhancements techniques to deliver quality sites that function across a wide array of devices, operating systems and browser configurations.

At times, cutting-edge web technologies will be used to progressively enhance the user experience. These technologies allow advanced browsers to render websites more quickly and speed up website maintenance. The use of this technology is implemented in such a way to not harm the experience of user's with older browsers, but instead enhance the experience of users that do support newer web standards and features. This means that to experience and use a website to its fullest, a user must be using a modern browser with support for the required technology.

Up-To-Date and Defaults Settings

Each configuration is for browser software and operating systems with recent stable software updates. Browsers and devices are configured with manufacturer's defaults (e.g. stylesheet and JavaScipt technology is enabled) except where noted, and without third-party extensions or plugins that may modify website display or performance. Ad blocker and similar software can disrupt website functionality and are not supported within the Testing Environment.

Additional Browsers and Configurations

Plaudit can provide support for additional devices, browsers and configurations not listed on this page. Please discuss project requirements with Plaudit for an estimate of additional costs associated with additional testing and support, and to add support through written documentation within your project's Statement of Work (SOW). Configurations which are not documented on this page or within an SOW are not officially supported.