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Plaudit Design Embraces Web Standards with Release of New Website

The use of web standards has numerous benefits:

  • Allows search engines to evaluate and index web sites more completely and more accurately
  • Reduces development and maintenance costs
  • Makes websites more accessible to reach the largest audience
  • Helps websites work properly with widest possible set of browsers: old, new or special purpose
  • Decouples page design from content to facilitate future changes

The W3C is the international industry consortium that coordinates Web development standards worldwide. The inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, founded the W3C at MIT and serves as its director. The list of 400 members includes the most prominent institutions involved in the Web.

"Making a commitment to web standards is one of the smartest things we have done," said Michael Schlotfeldt,."We were already creating better websites than most developers and now we are delivering even better value for our clients."

About Plaudit Design

Plaudit Design (, based in Minneapolis / St. Paul, provides website design and graphic design services to businesses both in Minnesota and nationally. Founded in 1999 as Maximum Impression, LLC, the privately owned company is now doing business as Plaudit Design.

The company has added new clients and increased revenue every year since its inception. Its client list includes a major retail growth company based in Minneapolis and a website hosting company serving more than 200,000 individuals and businesses worldwide.

To obtain more information or to arrange an interview, contact Dick Schlotfeldt or visit Plaudit Design on the web at

Editorial Contact:

Richard Schlotfeldt
Plaudit Design
(651) 646-0696

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