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Space Center Inc. Launches New Website

The Space Center site redesign demonstrates the company's ability to continuously meet their customers' needs. The website is more than a reshaped online presence—new design and functionality elements include site-wide search capability, content management, and an interactive online map that showcases the company's available real estate holdings across the nation.

The website's focus has honed in on directing users quickly and efficiently to the available industrial real estate options in their area. Space Center manages property in strategically valuable distribution locations around the country. Their website makes each location and its property manager accessible to users in a matter of seconds.

About Space Center

Space Center’s varied holdings include traditional warehousing and industrial buildings as well as distribution centers, a 150 acre, multi-tenant, underground industrial park in Kansas City and a former U.S. Air Force base in California’s Inland Empire near Los Angeles.

Space Center continues to seek new acquisition and joint venture opportunities to expand offerings to their clients. Due to their long and successful past, they have strong experience working with real estate development, distribution and logistics services, and investment partnerships.

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