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Minneapolis 2470 University Ave W
St Paul, MN 55114
(651) 646-0696

New York City 1216 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(929) 322-4971

Growth Forces a Move

Plaudit Design has now moved into its new office with 1,666 square feet on the ground floor of the Midway Commercial Building. "Now we have a conference room where we can meet with clients and plenty of space for all of us to work efficiently," said David Schlotfeldt. "The conference room is nearly as large as our old office!" "A unique feature of this office is a huge walk-in safe that we use to house our servers" said Michael Schlotfeldt. "It also has room for storing parts and a workbench to build our computers."

When the building was an automobile factory in the 1920s, Plaudit Design's safe held the cash for paying workers. "We could hardly wish for a better location," said Michael. "This is an old building with character and tenants that include a photographer, an art gallery, and even a chocolate factory. We expect an architect to move in next door to us."

About Plaudit Design

"Our work exceeds the quality of most designs that I see published on the web and elsewhere," said Michael Schlotfeldt. "Dave's willingness to work through the night to meet a deadline is another big reason for our success. And our employees are fantastic! We are so fortunate to have them helping us."

Plaudit Design (, based in Minneapolis / St. Paul, provides website design and graphic design services to businesses both in Minnesota and nationally. Founded in 1999 as Maximum Impression, LLC, the privately owned company is now doing business as Plaudit Design.

The company has added new clients and increased revenue every year since its inception. Its client list includes a major retail growth company based in Minneapolis and a website hosting company serving more than 200,000 individuals and businesses worldwide.

To obtain more information or to arrange an interview, contact Dick Schlotfeldt or visit Plaudit Design on the web at

Editorial Contact:

Richard Schlotfeldt
Plaudit Design
(651) 646-0696

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