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Minneapolis Web Design Firm Launches Innovative Website for Bus Rescue

Plaudit Design, a Minneapolis web design company, and TDS Enterprises are pleased to announce the launch of the Bus Rescue website. Bus Rescue saves the day when a bus is broken down and needs service away from its home area. No matter where a breakdown may occur in the United States, Bus Rescue will use its innovative technology to notify the closest service provider, whether an alternate bus company, a towing company, or a tire and repair shop - all with the most important goal in mind of keeping a chartered trip's passengers rolling to their destination.

In the past, the bus operator/owner would spend hours on the phone trying to find help for a bus that had broken down in an unfamiliar area. With Bus Rescue’s system, a bus operator can reduce the time to seconds. With a few clicks of the mouse, Bus Rescue will send simultaneous rescue requests to multiple service providers.

When a breakdown occurs, Bus Rescue uses three different technologies to contact the closest companies that can help, selecting them from a database containing more than 35,000 companies. And rather than just call a phone number, Bus Rescue uses multiple forms of communication to improve the chances of getting help immediately.

David Schlotfeldt, VP of Software Development, said "Bus Rescue came to us with a plan that required integrating several new technologies. We enjoyed working hard to meet the challenge for a client with great ideas who respects our work. They have been just great to work with."

Skip Feenstra, President of TDS Enterprises and creator of the Bus Rescue concept, has nothing but praise for Plaudit Design's dedication and resourcefulness. “I contacted several web design companies,” said Skip, “But Plaudit Design was the only one that I had confidence in to deliver what we needed.”

About Plaudit Design

Plaudit Design (, a Minneapolis web design company, provides web design and graphic design services to businesses both in Minnesota and nationally. In business for nearly a decade, Plaudit Design provides a wide range of services including logo design, brochures, catalogs, print ads, trade show booths and websites.

To obtain more information or to arrange an interview, contact David Schlotfeldt or visit Plaudit Design on the web at

About TDS Enterprises

TDS Enterprises, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a leading provider of innovative services for the transportation industry. For more information contact Skip Feenstra or visit Bus Rescue at

To obtain more information or to arrange an interview, contact Dick Schlotfeldt or visit Plaudit Design on the web at

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David Schlotfeldt
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Skip Feenstra
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