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Join Us At Marketing Exchange

If you are a marketer in the Twin Cities, you have probably heard of MN AMA's annual Marketing Exchange conference. If not, it is time you have. Every year MN AMA holds a conference to help marketers keep on top of innovations, learn the newest trends, and network with other local professionals.

This year the focus is on the minute-by-minute changes marketers face. This is especially true in digital marketing where we must keep on top of the latest technology, changing ecosystem, real-time results of our marketing, and be agile enough to adapt before the minute is up. This makes it even more appropriate that this year's Platinum sponsor – I am proud to say – is yours truly, Plaudit Design.

In addition to two great keynote speakers, an amazing panel and educational sessions by other top Minneapolis firms, we will be hosting a breakout session, “Tuning out the Static: Modern Web Essentials.” Matt Dittbenner and David Schlotfeldt will highlight some of the most recent, valuable and essential web practices to strategically focus your company's energy in a changing online landscape.

In addition to a number of other topics they are sure to present what you need to know to manage a responsive web design project. Serving the 20 to 50% of your website visitors that are likely on a mobile device is critical. This is why when we were asked to create the website for the conference we insisted it work across all devices – from iPhone to Android tablets to your Internet-enabled TV.

Responsive web design

The site contains a run down of the conference, and an interactive schedule of the day. With this interface you can create a custom version of the schedule, save it and email a link to yourself to load your unique schedule from anywhere. This way you can select the sessions that interest you most when browsing on your laptop, and when at the event quickly retrieve that custom schedule using your phone.

Check out the conference website for more details, and we hope you join us on May 8. Make sure to come to our session, learn and say “Hi.”

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