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Premier Communications

Woman Viewing Premier Communications' Website on a Laptop

Responsive Website Redesign

Premier Communications provides cutting-edge internet, cable TV, phone, and IT services to residential and business customers in Northwest Iowa. As a provider of high-tech services, it was essential that their website reflect that. So Premier joined forces with Plaudit Design to create a brand-new website with a more modern design and a better user experience.

Our strategy and design teams worked closely with Premier Communications to completely reorganize the site, while simplifying the browsing experience through design and UX best practices. The results were staggering, with a huge improvement in engagement:

more users
fewer bounces
more pages per session
more pageviews

Services Provided

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development

A Premier Experience

The most important goal of this website redesign was to create a better browsing experience for visitors. To accomplish this, we focused on two key ideas: clean and simple layouts, and reorganized content. The new design uses bold colors and contrast to highlight actions, while the new menu organization helps visitors drill down to the information that’s right for them.

Premier Communications Responsive Web Design

Meeting Needs

To improve the browsing experience, we identified common types of website visitors and designed the site to meet each of their unique needs. Starting on the home page, and continuing throughout the site, we tailored the information, layouts, and tools to provide the information users needed most.

Home or Business

We simplified navigation by creating distinct and customized spaces for two very different groups of customers. This distinction enabled Premier to better address the needs of each user within each respective area, while still enabling visitors to navigate between these sections as needed.

Instant Access

Based on website traffic trends, we identified key pages that website visitors found helpful. The new home page integrates links to these important pages directly on the home page to help visitors find this information more quickly.

Premier Communications Website: Stream TV Page

Customized Experience

The new website also features customized content based on the visitors service area. From internet availability and service bundles to channel lineups, the website is able to present visitors with the most relevant information for a better browsing experience.

Premier Communications Website: Zip Code Selection View
Premier Communications Website: Packages View

Premium Tools

Finally, the new website features lots of customized tools to help visitors make the right decision. A custom Internet Speed Test helps visitors see their current internet speeds compared to advertised speeds, the interactive channel browser helps visitors find their favorite channels, and an Internet Speed Quiz helps visitors better understand their internet bandwidth needs.

Custom Internet Speed Test

The new Premier Communications website features a customized internet speed test that works on any modern device. Visitors can quickly and easily see just how much internet bandwidth they have. Then, based on the results, they can learn whether that speed will be sufficient for their internet usage needs.

Channel Browser

To help visitors compare the channel offerings between different packages, we created a customized channel browser. The list of channels is fully customizable to enable Premier to adjust channel availability for each package and location. Users can scroll the list of channels, or they can search the list by channel name or number to check availability of their favorite channels.

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