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Wilary Winn Unveils New Website

Every member of Wilary Winn's senior team has worked in the financial services industry and understands their clients' needs. Their team has extensive experience actively managing and valuing billions of dollars of asset-backed securities and more than 100 years of collective industry experience.

This extensive and impressive experience is now communicated in the firm's newly launched website. The website provides a list of services along with details organized and browsable by either "for banks" or "for credit union". This organization will make finding the needed information easier for each audience and the new design will communicate the history, quality and professionalism Wilary Winn is known for. Please learn more at

About Wilary Winn

Founded in 2003, Wilary Winn ( has grown rapidly to include more than 350 financial institutions as clients in 43 states. Their clients include 26 publicly traded banks and 29 of the nation’s top 100 credit unions. Their primary competitors are based in New York and this position provides an opportunity to deal with some of the financial industry's most complex issues from their offices in St. Paul.

Wilary Winn's financial analysts work with state-of-the-art technology including Bloomberg, CoreLogic, Intex, SNL Financial, ZM Financial Systems, Inc., and their own proprietary cash flow engines.

About Plaudit Design

Plaudit Design (, a team of Minneapolis web designers, provides web design and Internet marketing services to businesses both in Minnesota and nationally.

If you would like more information about Plaudit Design, their services or a portfolio of their work, call (651) 646-0696 or e-mail

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