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Websites That Stand The Test Of Time

While it depends on the size and complexity of a website and the company represented by it, the industry standard for a typical life span is two to four years before a complete redesign is necessary. At Plaudit Design we are proud to deliver sites to our clients that far exceed the expected shelf life. We do this by taking the time to understand each project's unique goals, create professional website designs, and use the appropriate technology.

Each website we create uses forward facing technology and web standards along with custom flexible site structure. This results in websites that do not need to be recreated for years, increases the likelihood that they will continue to work in future browsers and provides enough flexibility to change with the organization each represents. Plaudit Design integrates a CMS that provides the needed flexibility and also makes it easy for clients to make updates to their website. As a result, websites are able to keep in line with the organization for years after initial launch.

A final very important aspect to long living websites is professional graphic design. The design of a site needs to reflect the company's brand and provide a visual framework with flexibility for future website needs. It is only through professional web design that a site continues to look "new" years after it is finished.

When the design finally does become dated, the groundwork Plaudit Design creates in websites often makes it possible to make major website updates without starting from scratch. This past month we launched website updates for two long-term clients that demonstrate our track record:

  • - Plaudit Design has worked with AccuStream since 2005 and completed many successful projects together. We designed and developed the original website and have helped with updates and site enhancements as AccuStream has grown. Last month we made more major updates by implementing a new design onto the website. Due to the well-developed framework of the original site this was accomplished without the need to start from scratch. Much of the original programming is still being used; and individual page layouts and content were untouched. The results are impressive and the site looks brand new again and the client continued to use the CMS during the entire project allowing them to keep the site inline with the company as we updated the look.
  • - Plaudit Design first created this website in 2008. The past month we added some new sections to the website. Much of the original design and site structure was retained, which helped keep costs down without limiting enhancements made to the site. We expect the site will continue to serve Power Electric for another four years.

With all web design projects we aim to create professional designs and plan for the future in order help increase your return on your website investment while ensuring your customers/clients are served in the best way by your site. This is demonstrated by our 13+ year track record of exceeding industry standards.

About Plaudit Design

Plaudit Design (, a team of Minneapolis web designers, provides web design and Internet marketing services to businesses both in Minnesota and nationally.

If you would like more information about Plaudit Design, its services or a portfolio of its work, call (651) 646-0696 or e-mail

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