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Google Marketing Next Event

During the opening keynote for this year’s Google Marketing Next event, six speakers unveiled powerful new tools that will help digital marketers deliver more value.

The Announcements

Let’s take a quick look at some of these announcements.

Google Attribution

Google Attribution is a free tool that can leverage data from Google Analytics, AdWords, and DoubleClick Search to provide marketers a better view of conservation actions across multiple channels and devices, and a more accurate sense of attribution modeling and bidding information. Businesses then will be able to take this information to see and credit upper- and mid-full interaction, while also being able to easily inform bidding decisions based on full-funnel attribution data. Google Attribution currently is now in beta, but look for it to start rolling out over the next upcoming months.

New AdWords Interface

Google announced a new AdWords experience that is expected to be completely rolled out to all advertisers by the end of the year. This new interface is the most powerful change Google has made to AdWords for how advertisers visualize and manage their campaigns. The goal of the design was to make AdWords substantially easier for users to reach unique marketing goals.

Display Ads Automatically Converted to AMP

Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) projects about a year and a half ago. These landing pages load significantly faster than standard mobile web pages. This results in a higher chance of converting a user into a customer. Google now has taken another big step in the development of Accelerated Mobile Pages by announcing more integration for AMP for Display and Search Advertisers. This newly launched beta will serve AMP-enabled landing pages on mobile from Search ads. This will allow advertisers that have created landing pages in AMP HTML to designate them as their mobile landing pages at the ad level in AdWords. On top of that, Google has announced they will also start automatically converting display ads to AMP. Research has shown that AMP ads can load up to five seconds faster than standard display ads.

What Do These Announcements Signify For Digital Marketing?

As our experiences with devices become better there will soon be no limits to the moments’ people seek assistance across any device, and as a result, brands will have more opportunities than ever before to offer value in people’s life. Well beyond the moments of product usage and the few moments people engage with push media.

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