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Now Is the Time to Boost Your Internet Marketing Efforts

In-person networking events have been rescheduled. Trade shows have been canceled. Many businesses (possibly even your own) have had to shut their brick-and-mortar doors for a time. And customers are continuing to focus their shopping online, instead of in-store.

These are all side effects of COVID-19, which continues to change how we do business. Perhaps one of the biggest changes—and challenges—involves the evolution of Internet marketing.

Increase Conversions

Marketing Is Changing Due to COVID-19

It’s no secret that COVID-19 pushed many people to increase their Internet use. In fact, at the onset of the virus, there was an 18% year-over-year increase in monthly in-home data usage. That’s not all. According to recent numbers, US online sales for September of this year increased 43% year-over-year, reaching $60.4 billion.

In short, consumers are buying more online. They’re using social media more. They’re forming opinions about businesses based more on online reviews and website content. This change in consumer behavior means marketing must evolve to keep up. Businesses are starting to take the hint.

Ad Spend

Many marketing departments are focusing on Internet marketing campaigns aimed at increasing sales and brand awareness.

According to HubSpot data aggregated from over 70,000 companies, businesses spent as low as 18% less than they did pre-COVID on ad spend at the onset of the virus. Starting in August, however, businesses began to once again emphasize driving revenue through paid advertising. The newest data shows businesses spending 12% more on ads than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Website Traffic

Many businesses are also redesigning their websites and making changes to their content to improve the online experience for their customers. Why? According to the same HubSpot data, website traffic is the highest it has been for businesses in months. In September, businesses saw as high as a 34% increase in website traffic when compared against pre-COVID numbers.

Your Website Is Critical for Delivering a Great First Impression & Increasing Sales

Are you taking the hint? Internet marketing, SEO, and paid advertising campaigns are all helping marketers point potential customers straight to the products and services they need. Your marketing efforts must follow suit, starting with the hub of any marketing campaign: Your website.

Without networking and other in-person sales activities, more and more consumers are forming their opinion of you based on your website. Plus, existing customers are using your website to gather additional information about you and your services. This ranges from visiting your blog for news or looking for your current menu to order takeout.

If your website isn’t delivering a customer-centric experience, you’re losing leads and potential sales for your business. And, in these times, every sale is critical. You must have a website designed with your audience in mind as well as marketing in the form of paid ads and SEO to drive them towards it.

Ready to Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level? Call Plaudit.

The Internet marketing industry is evolving; it’s time your marketing efforts follow the industry’s lead. Plaudit has been offering Internet marketing services for over 22 years. We can help you build a website that converts, and the marketing campaigns you need to support it. Learn more about our marketing services by contacting us.

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